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    Built right into Excel bringing true self service Business Intelligence to the masses.

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    No Report Designer Needed

    Generate your own reports and realize immediate ROI.

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    Create and Share your discoveries

    The freedom to create your own reports and share with your team.

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    Clear Analytics

    Freedom of Excel with Enterprise Strength

    Comprehensive governance features including audit tracking and centrally-managed spreadsheets.

Clear Analytics

Clear Query

Clear Analytics brings you Self-service Business Intelligence at its best. Our solution will make any Excel user a power analyst - no manual needed! Amplify the analysis tool you already know.

Clear Query

Our Services

Generate complex SQL queries using a simple drag & drop interface. Users have fast, accurate, real-time access to critical data. Informed business decisions process speeded up.

Our Services

Ana-data has over 20 years of financial services experience; providing wide cross-functional knowledge and expertise to challenges ranging from critical business analysis to large-scale strategic transformation. The portfolio of solutions implemented include Security Master, Pricing, Portfolio Management and Reporting, Trade Order Allocation, Performance reporting, Compliance, Risk Management, Reconciliation and Client Reporting. .Ana-data has leveraged various third party applications, including PAM, GENEVA, Charles River, TPG, WSO and Sunguard.

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