Clear Entry

Clear Entry

Helping you capture data accurately and comprehensively, because your analysis is only as good as your data

Clear Entry(CE) is a role/workflow/entitlement aware data entry platform capable of managing the accurate entry of thousands of data attributes. Clear Entry enforces mandatory fields, validation and dynamic conditions based on user entitlement through the forms lifecycle. CE was born from the need to capture relevant data accurately whilst reducing the possibility of inputting data incorrectly.

Many complex data entry tasks contain hundreds of fields managed by several groups who need to be involved during different points of the completion lifecycle. Our solution provides an elegant and very usable data entry solution. All data is captured into one central point with full audit and tracking capability, ensuring that all parties have access to the latest data. Effective data capture is a vital component in collaboration which reduces the need to send emails to one another.

Dynamic form for Fast and Accurate Entry

Clear Entry ensures that data is captured correctly and comprehensively the first time through unique features that reduce the risk of entering incorrect data and dynamically validating as you go. Clear Entry forms change dynamically based on prior values to ensure only the required fields are filled out and only the appropriate values are available to select in list boxes.

Precision Data Input = Precise Data Analysis

By capturing clean, comprehensive data, you’re now able to perform exhaustive analysis previously not though possible. Badly inputted data cripples the effectiveness of the reporting and analysis, rendering the results untrustworthy. Clear Entry ensures high quality input meaning high quality and actionable output. You are able to provide a numeric range and specify an increment to high precision points for ensuring you capture critical numbers correctly.

Empower Collaboration

Capturing data together from multiple departments has never been easier. Clear Entry governs who gets to fill out which fields - defined by individual or role, ensuring the data is captured from the right people, with full traceability of the capture process along the way.

Improved Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Companies are more accountable for their data than ever before, let Clear Entry provide the much needed governance and controls to ensure only the people entitled to make changes do. By providing full workflow capability, certain fields may remain locked indefinitely to ensure no tampering or inadvertent changes are made to critical data elements.

Open Architecture

Clear Entry architecture is flexible enough to integrate seamlessly into your existing infrastructure eliminating occurrences where data needs to be entered more than once. The completed data can then be pushed to virtually any other system.

Complete, Accurate Data

Clear Entry means that the data flowing into your databases is clean, accurate, comprehensive and at the highest level of integrity. You can also update the entry fields when capture requirements evolve by simple configuration changes. The role-based workflow feature ensures only the right people enter the right information into your infrastructure.

No More Attachment Overload

Most businesses rely heavily on email to gather data from various teams, resulting in countless emailed attachments. Clear Entry helps reduce email overload by enabling the business to have better control over sensitive information being captured and distributed.

Audit and Security

By providing role-based access, you can be confident in the knowledge that only those authorized can fill in a given field. Based on user roles, a field can be dynamically set to read-only, mandatory, optional, or hidden. Clear Entry captures the full entry process from the beginning to end.

Investor Pipeline Management

Managing the process of handling investor transactions goes through many different levels of client relations, accounting personnel, and management. Clear Entry ensures the appropriate information is gathered, from an initial phone call through to acknowledging that cash has been deposited into the right fund. Clear Entry enables the firm to massively increase the number of simultaneous transactions without the need to increase headcount, all while improving customer service and turnaround times.

Security Masters

Capturing hundreds of complex elements from independent groups is no easy task. Clear Entry has successfully been deployed in some of the largest financial institutions to ensure that the right data elements are captured from the right groups. By allowing for custom rules, high precision numerical entries, and arrays of fields, Clear Entry provides a level of sophistication not seen in a general purpose data entry platform.

Ticket Entry

Clear Entry eliminates the need to re-enter the same information into multiple systems. Simply enter the information once and the data is transmitted to all other systems, reducing the risk of manual errors and increasing the accuracy of the data in your business. No more bad valuations as a result of not capturing correctly data the first time.