Clear Platform

The Clear Platform Idea
Clear Platform
  • Modular design for the applications
  • RAD approach to development
  • Flexible architecture
  • Enhanced application deployment
  • Multi-threading or parallel execution of activities
  • Reduced software development costs
  • Extensive and flexible exception management, logging, security, and authorization

The Clear Platform is a standards-based .Net application framework built on Microsoft best practices in enterprise Smart Client and Service architectures. The Platform allows for a modular, loosely-coupled design for applications, allowing complex collections of applications to be hosted within a single common workstation tool. The streamlined architecture allows both out-of-the-box applications and custom-built modules, to be deployed to end users in a fraction of the time of traditional multi-tier approaches. By combining the Clear Platform with Ana-Data's RAD approach to development, organizations benefit from more than ten years of experience and expertise building high-quality modular applications in a short time period, with an efficient means to add on to your workstation as your business needs grow.

The Clear Platform is built leveraging the building blocks of Prism Patterns & Practices. A C# WPF smart client front end sits in front of WCF Services utilizing a SQL Server back end for metadata storage. The flexible architecture allows retooling to fit your specific environment with minimal impact on the front end. The framework's clear separation of UI from Services, along with separation between UI components, makes customization, testing, and delivery simple.

The Clear Platform coupled with Clear Integrator provides an instant ROI on your reporting and data maintenance needs. Clear Integrator (Ci) is an extension of the .Net programming model to support the well-known Enterprise Integration Patterns. It enables the support for integration with external systems via declarative adapters. Those adapters are a higher-level of abstraction over Ci support for servers and database connection. The primary goal of Ci is to provide a simple model for building enterprise integration solutions while maintaining the separation of concerns that is essential for producing maintainable and scalable code.

Clear Approach

Clear Platform is designed and developed from the ground up with modular development and RAD in mind. Modular approach allows development of different components in parallel which can be later integrated in one common shell. Clear Integrator handles the server part which becomes a powerful solution when combined with Clear Platform. Clear Integrator is a simple messaging system that allows communication inside the context of a single or multiple applications. It communicates with external systems (database servers, file system, cloud, etc.) through adapters which, as the name implies, serve the purpose of adapting or making available the functionality of those independent systems to Clear Integrator.

Clear Benefit

Clear Platform allows rapid development of different components in parallel and provides one single common portal with sophisticated entitlements capabilities to the modules. The parallel development approach helps in reducing the time to market of the application.

Clear Integrator is a high performance server component that allows the client applications (publishers) to communicate with external systems like database servers, file systems, vendor gateways, and more.